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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

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Interaction Designer. Educator.

USC Rossier School of Education

Object & Screen Speculations

Huntington Library

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Occasional thoughts on Interaction Design


Animism as a Metaphor for Interaction Design

22nd April 2013 By phil

SIGCHI 2013 paper

AniThings: Animism and Heterogeneous Multiplicity

Joshua McVeigh-Schultz and I presented our paper at SIGCHI 2013 in Paris. It presents ideas and a project on using animism as a metaphor for interaction design, something I’ve been exploring for the last few years.

Go here for a link to a free download of the paper.
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Dimensional Story Space

28th November 2011 By phil

I wrote this article on interactive story telling in 1992 for a group called Interactive Expression, a group of us in the Los Angeles area who worked at Philips and other early “multimedia” companies. We got together to discuss the new medium of Interactive Media.
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Interaction Design & Animism

5th May 2011 By phil

This spring’s New Ecology of Things course in the Media Design Program had the theme of animism, and explored how interaction design can utilize the natural tendency to imagine that inanimate objects and spaces have motivation, intention and/or consciousness.
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