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Animism, ubicomp, and how they might connect РDue Week 6

Students must form teams of 2 to research and report on interesting examples of Animism that may shed light on how Animism can be connected to ubiquitous computing. The report should be a 10 minute presentation that describes the example and your team’s analysis of it. Possible examples range from a contemporary and individual animism such as how people relate to their cars as having personality, to ancient forms of spiritual animism such as Shintoism.

The additional requirement is for each student to relate how the the project being presented relates to their own design interests, either friend or enemy, metaphorical or technical, etc. This must be a part of the presentation. It should also influence your direction for the actual final project – i.e. making the final project relate in some way to your own interests, and potentially lead into your thesis research and making.

Discuss the following:

  • In what ways does the perception of Animism manifest itself?
  • What are the characteristics of this example of Animism? E.g. intention, motivation, consciousness, spirits, souls, auras, etc.?
  • What metaphors are used in the example?
  • What is interesting about this example in terms of implementing behavior/animism in The New Ecology of Things.
  • How do your own design interests intersect, negatively or positively, with this project