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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

– Steve Jobs

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USC Rossier School of EducationUSC Rossier School of EducationUSC Rossier School of Education

By phil

On 10, Jan 2010 | In | By phil

USC Rossier School of Education

The School Performance Dashboard web project was developed for USC’s Center on Educational Governance provides an easy way for educators and others to explore a range of performance metrics for charter schools in California. Each charter school is rated on 12 indicators assessing financial resources and investment; school quality; student performance; and academic productivity. Users can evaluate individual schools; compare the performance of multiple schools; review the performance of a single school across several years; or download the entire data set.
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The New Ecology of ThingsThe New Ecology of ThingsThe New Ecology of Things

On 10, Jan 2008 | In | By phil

The New Ecology of Things

The New Ecology of Things is a research initiative to explore emerging forms of interactive communication brought about by pervasive networks, low cost sensors, and computational capabilities in every object and space. The project began as a studio class hosted by Graduate Media Design, and has evolved into a conceptual model, a forum for discussion, and ongoing series of projects and courses, technological inventions, new issues for pedagogy, and a publication.

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Productive Interaction ExperimentsProductive Interaction ExperimentsProductive Interaction ExperimentsProductive Interaction ExperimentsProductive Interaction Experiments

On 13, Jan 2007 | In | By phil

Productive Interaction Experiments

I continue working on a series of design sketches that explore the ideas expressed in my essay, Productive Interaction. The main idea is that Interaction Designers should create interactive systems that allow users to create their own meaning space rather than designing scripted experiences. These experimental sketches are sometimes very rough, and other times more refined. They help me as I pursue new ways of interacting, driven by my writing as well as feeding new writing in an ongoing cycle of thinking and making.
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On 13, Jan 1996 | In | By phil (1996), The Los Angeles Contemporary Arts Magazine was a very early web-based magazine developed by my company.

ArtCommotion is a web magazine and resource exposing contemporary visual and literary art. It focuses on the Los Angeles area and features commissioned art, interviews, weekly news columns, reviews, and classifieds. ArtCommotion is committed to expanding the audience for contemporary art.

For Issue 2, we collaborated with Yoko Ono to create a faux exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art as a 25th anniversary follow-up to her The Museum of Modern FArt another fake exhibition at New York’s MOMA. The exhibition was presented on the website as if it were officially sanctioned (it was not). We acquired and controlled first and later gave it to the real MOCA.